Intelligent animal care among metropolitan residents is trending

While Gao Yasong operates more than 8 hours a day, she is always able to inspect her child furry.

“I can bring charge of my dog from a distance with an electronic snack and a personal screen,” said the 28-year-old employee from White Collar.

The smart home products have all been the headlines for animals in China over latest years, with intelligent bathrooms, electric water fountains and wearable GPS trackers and necklaces.

“My right handman are the high-tech products, which help me to look after my cat well,” said Gao.

During her dinner break, Gao verified her cell phone and saw her animal cat spin around and fell back asleep. Then she launched the Taobao e-commerce company in China to purchase an intelligent air-catch c cat pillow

A dust-free, auto-cleaner 2.500 usd ($362) of cat toilet on Taobao is sold at the site approx. 500 kits a month.

“It is like a fresh toy,” said seller Xuelimoma, saying, “Cat breeders enjoy it. “I don’t need to care about the smell of my livestock with the self-cleaning device when I return from company journeys,” said the Minister., one of China’s largest internet pet breeders societies, announced that the pet industry has a market value forecast at 200 billion yuan by 2020.

More than 73 million Chinese in metropolitan regions have animals with birth offspring, the study states.

The craze of smart pet care products represents the shifts in the consumer habits of pet breeders. According to Li Zheng, vice chairman of the economics school in Jilin University, more individuals not only want to lift an animal but hopefully increase them well.

“These goods can also give the’ pet economy’ a fresh boost and promote the growth of a range of sectors,” he said.

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